Mathematics, Science and Technology


With the majority of infrastructure needs in place, we shifted our focus to the next most urgent need: that of improving English Literacy and Mathematics and Science Education in our partner schools through the establishment of a centre of learning and teaching excellence in the district, namely the Acorns to Oaks Comprehensive High School. The school will provide teacher training and support to all of the schools in our network, as well as function as a “centre of excellence” for gifted students in the district.

The high school aims to prepare students adequately for both tertiary studies as well as the ability to embark on specialised careers directly after Grade 12. The school curriculum focuses on providing excellence in English, Maths, Science and Technology – supported by a choice of complimentary subjects.

Through the Acorns to Oaks Comprehensive High School we wish to showcase what can be achieved by a successful Public Private Partnership. We see the role of the Trust as long-term partner and ambassador of the school. In that role, we will continue to raise funds in support of completing the full suite of infrastructure for the school to ensure it is able to reach full capacity. We will also continue to facilitate meaningful partnerships for the school with educational and sports programmes.