In the poorest districts of the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, the Trust has adopted 3 creches, 6 primary schools and 3 high schools with the aim of providing the necessary support to put these schools on an equal footing with their urban counterparts.

The schools we work with include: Wisani Day Care Centre; Nhlonhlori Creche; Nwantumberi Creche; Hananani Primary School; Shiviti Primary School; Samson Sibuye Primary School; Munyamana Primary School; Mahlati Primary School; Manyeleti Primary School; Mdluli High School; Manyangana High School; and Acorns to Oaks Comprehensive High School.

Photographs from the Mpalanga Province in South Africa.

To date this support has included the provision of learning materials, teacher support programmes and the construction of:

  • 7 boreholes
  • 44 classrooms
  • 4 administration blocks
  • 4 libraries
  • 9 fully-resourced computer centres
  • 7 agricultural projects
  • 5 sports fields
  • Numerous ablution facilities
  • A fully-resourced maths and science high school


Early Childhood Development

The early years of a child’s life are creches-1crucial not only for individual health and physical development, but also for cognitive and social-emotional development. Events in the first few years of life are formative and play a vital role in building human capital, breaking the cycle of poverty, promoting economic productivity, and eliminating social inequalities.

The Trust is raising funds to support an Early Childhood Development (ECD) training programme that aims to build local teaching and fundraising capacity to ensure the long term sustainability of the Trusts existing ECD programme.

Health Care

Health care facilities in the Hluvukani region are poorly resourced and under constant pressure. In partnership with the Mpumalanga Department of Health and Social Development, Aspen Pharmaceuticals and the Ndlovu Care Group, the Buffelshoek Trust established a 12 hour primary health care facility in Utah Village.

The clinic has directly benefited learners and neighbouring schools have seen a marked decrease in absenteeism; teenage pregnancy and chronic illness. Read more here.


to be a teacher, you must have love for the young onesWonder Khoza, Wisani Creche Manager
It is our responsibility to ensure that the youth in South Africa get the best education to feel empowered, inspired and confident during their primary years of development. The Trust acknowledges and supports education as the foundation for prosperity and success, supporting any endeavour to give every child an equal opportunity to paving their own path in life. We believe that this responsibility is not only held by our teachers, but also the parents, community members and the youth themselves. For this reason we aim to develop educational programmes with the schools that encourage wide participation. Read more here.

Adult education aims to give adults new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that aid in their professional agency, leadership and community collaboration – all key factors in lifting communities out of poverty. Read more here.

Food and Water Security

The food-water focal area supports the interaction between basic landscape elements, technology, built infrastructure and skills needed to ensure food and water security in the context of a healthy, functioning environment. Projects in this focal area include the provision of boreholes, food gardens, environmental education, and community based environmental management interventions. Read more here.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education is the level of education after high school, post-matric. This includes FET, University, and University of Technology.

Tertiary education will give you the chance to expand your knowledge in a very specific area of study, and to learn from Professors who have a detailed knowledge of their subject to share with you.

The Buffelshoek Trust does not currently provide any bursaries for Tertiary Education, but are working together with local partners such as the Sabi Sands Pfunanani Trust to make as much information available on the subject as possible.

Download a copy of My Bursary Handbook to understand all you need to enrol in the right tertiary institution and choose the right career path for you!