Youth Leadership

Recognising the importance of instilling in our youth a sense of ownership and participation in the society in which they live has led to a partnership with the Columba 1400 Leadership Academy, who have tailored their Irish youth leadership development program for the South African context.

school leader-1

The programme focuses on encouraging learners and teachers to embrace the core values including:

  • Awareness: Knowing and understanding yourself, other people and your environment
  • Focus: Recognising and concentrating on critical and essential information
  • Creativity: Seeing and implementing solutions, ideas and initiatives
  • Integrity: Being reliable and trustworthy, remaining whole and true to your potential
  • Perseverance: Enduring & remaining strong when faced with complication, tragedy & resistance
  • Service: Sharing resources selflessly and effectively, using your strengths and experience to take meaningful action and contribute to the greater good
You must believe that one day they will become great citizens of our country.